Our History

Ambika Infra Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Are Leading Builders Providing A Rich Tradition Of Unrivalled Growth & Trusted Reputation. Our Aim Is To Prove Ourselves As Multi-Faceted, Modern, Innovative And As A Total Solution Company That Provide Best Services To Our Clients. Our Team Strives Constantly To Provide Quality Housing Solutions Which Are Affordable Without Compromising On Luxury. As We Very Well Know That Buying Home Is One Time Investment For Lifetime Of Peace.

Our Mission

To Deliver The Customer The Best Quality In The Minimum Possible Cost. To further strengthen and expand our established position and continue being the first choice for clients and prospective customers. To transform the lives of people of India and significantly contribute towards improvement in the quality of life. Creating Landmarks And Setting Benchmarks.

Our Vision

Creating better lifestyle canvas for generations…

Ambika Group’s mandate is simple. The company is dedicated to establishing a brighter tomorrow. Through expertise, reliability, and quality, the Group is building a legacy that will stand the test of time.

By developing sustainable communities, the Group is providing the canvas for people to thrive for generations to come and enabling them to get the most out-of-the-box experiences, life has to offer.

Ambika Group leads by example and building trust along with total clarity of thought and a vision that will help in transforming the lives of people.

The Company aims to create environments based on shared beliefs, between them and their customers, and between all the individuals who form the vibrant Ambika Group communities.


  • Knowledge

    Investing in acquiring expert knowledge and keeping people updated about the latest technological developments.

  • Innovation

    Inculcating new and innovative thought processes in our designs and construction along with state-of-the-art technology to deliver marvels.

  • Transparency

    Promoting and executing fair and transparent transactions with customers and vendors.

  • Quality

    Designing and delivering architectural marvels with the finest quality of building materials and supplies.

  • People

    We believe in nurturing our people and providing them with great learning experiences.

  • Passion

    We encourage our people to be passionate about what they wish to achieve.

  • Customers

    Designing and delivering projects as per the needs and aspirations of our clients.

  • Respect

    We harbor immense respect for the culture and ethnicity of customers, vendors, and employees.